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  • Al-Askar Heavy Equipment

    Al-Askar provides all kinds of heavy and light equipment (movable and portable) of various capacities and types integrated businesses for constructions and other projects.

    Al-Askar also helps customers identify the required and appropriate equipment for their projects.

    These equipments are supported by a professional crew and qualified operators licensed by major companies like Saudi Aramco. With gained knowledge and acquired experiences,

    Al-Askar constitutes a wealth of high value of satisfaction for the success of every client’s projects and needs.

    The fleet consists of the latest hydraulic cranes of different capacities (20-500 Tons) as well as trucks equipped with cranes and boom trucks up to 20 Tons and other construction equipments such as Loaders, Bulldozers, Bullets, Forklifts and other portable industrial equipments such as generators, welding machines and sand blasting machines.

    Al-Askar will never stop and get tired of striving, studying every details and merits to find all probable solutions and ideas to for its eagerness to achieve its main goal that is to satisfy and keep a good long relationship to its partners and clients.