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  • Al-Askar Heavy Equipment

    Al-Askar Heavy Equipment is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading providers of equipment in the oil and gas, engineering, construction and other sectors. It is located in Dammam and was founded since 1980. With the everlasting demand for specific machinery in the previously mentioned sectors, we offer our clients:

    • Heavy equipment, such as hydraulic cranes of different capacities (20-500 tons), truck crane, boom truck, excavator, wheel loader, bulldozer, bullets, forklift, etc.
    • Industrial equipment, including welding machines, generators, sand blasting machines, etc.

    We provide a variety of heavy equipment which are operated by our professional and competent staff who are licensed by Saudi Aramco. The market for heavy equipment is fast-moving and very specific. This means knowledge of the machines, applications and markets is essential. Therefore, we help our clients in identifying the most appropriate equipment to be used based on the requirements and needs of their projects.

    In Al-Askar Heavy Equipment, the customers can have many choices of cranes from various brands such as Liebherr, Sany and Tadano with different capacities:

    (20/25 Ton, 35 Ton, 40/45 Ton, 50/55 Tons, 60 Tons, 75 Ton, 80 Ton, 100/120 Ton, 130 Ton, 160 Ton, 200 Ton, 230 Ton, 500 Ton)

    In addition to cranes, Al-Askar Heavy Equipment offers boom trucks with the capacities of (10 Ton, 12 Ton, 16 Ton)

    In Al-Askar Heavy Equipment, we are committed to provide superior quality of heavy machinery and excellent customer service. Our mission is to relentlessly study this market and keep up with the latest technologies to provide fully integrated solutions to our clients. We aspire to reach potential clients as much as we strive to maintain and sustain our relationships with our current partners and clients.