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    Al-Askar Group has expanded the scope of its business by establishing Al-Askar Energy in 2015. Al-Askar Energy is an energy and power provider that encompasses renewable energy (solar energy and wind energy), thermal energy and hydropower. We provide a variety of products such as 4GW photovoltaic cells, 5GW photovoltaic modules, 5GW aluminium alloy stands, energy storage systems and inverters.

    • Surveying
    • Construction
    • Equipment Provider
    • Operation and Maintenance
    • Investment and Finance
    Thermal Energy
    Renewable Energy
    Transmission _Distribution
    Transmission & Distribution

    Our Partners


    Talesun Solar Technologies Co. Ltd


    1. wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Zhongli Group, Suzhou TalesunSolar Technologies Co.
    2. Ltd. Talsun was established in 2010.
    3. Jiangsu Zhongli Group Co., Ltd.(“The Group”) was founded in 1988.
    4. The Group has a history of 30 years of scientific and technological innovation, and has risen to become one of China’s premium high-tech companies.
    5. Talesun has a total asset of 2.5 billion USD which provide a great and strong financial standing.


    The company has six research and development platforms at provincial level, and its laboratories and test centers have achieved the certification of TUV NORD&SUD TMP, CSA, CNAS, VDE, TUV, UL and CEC, MCS, Chinese gold sun and other authorities at home and abroad.


    Talesun has over 6000 employees around the world that includes experienced engineers, Technicians and operators as well.


    1. 4GW photovoltaic cells
    2. 5GW photovoltaic modules
    3. 5GW aluminum alloy stand



    1. EDRI is a large-scale design institute, who took the lead in overall enterprise restructuring and was previously the Eleventh Design Institute.
    2. EDRI holds Engineering Design Comprehensive Qualification Class-A Certificate.
    3. Mechanical & Electrical Installation Works General Contracting Class-1 Qualification.
    4. EDRI provided services for large companies.


    • CPI Solar Power Xi’an Co., Ltd. Xining branch 400 MW Solar Power Cell
    • Lu An (Shan Xi) 240MW Solar Power Vertical Integration Project



    1. SUNGROW was founded in 1997.
    2. In 2002 it became the supplier of the National Projects to the “Powering the Rural Area” initiative.
    3. In 2011 SUNGROW became An initial public offering(IPO) in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.
    4. At the end of 2018 SUNGROW had a 68GW total of supplying renewable energy.

    Services and Products

    Floating System
    Sungrow Floating has more than 30 patents concerning floating body, matrix anchorage, inverter & booster floating platform.

    PV Power Plant
    Based on more than 20 years of photovoltaic inverter technology, Sungrow Power company is dedicated to providing the world’s leading intelligent energy solutions.

    Solar PV Grid-Tied Systems


    1. EPC of power and renewable energy projects.
    2. Grid design, inverters, T&D.
    3. Renewable energy design, including projects in bioenergy.
    4. Designed Asia’s largest monocrystalline building-integrated PV system at Shanghai train station.
    5. Design of Off-Grid Photovoltaic Battery Storage System.
    6. Procurement of materials for Off-Grid Photovoltaic Battery Storage System.
    7. Installation for Off-Grid Photovoltaic Battery Storage System in kingdom wide.
    8. Operation and Maintenance of Off-Grid Photovoltaic Battery Storage System.

    Small Scale Wind Turbines

    • SEPD is authorized technical organization for unified administration of wind power development in China.
    • SEPD is responsible for establishing and updating the technical standards for wind power industry and guiding the development and utilization of wind energy resources.
    • SEPD is responsible for technical guidance, quality supervision and check & acceptance of wind power construction works.
    • SEPD organized preliminary studies of large wind farms in China and have established a data base for Chinese wind farms.
    • SEPD has designed over 50 percent of the wind farm projects in China, and reviewed and examined most of the design reports for wind farm projects across China.