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  • Education

    Education, Training and Development

    We are keen on educating our people and helping them to improve their knowledge, skills and abilities, reducing risks, making the workplace healthier and safer for everybody and enhancing organizational performance. We offer a comprehensive set of vocational training courses along with health and safety training programs.

    Training and Development

    In-house Training:

    1.  Fire Extinguisher Hands-on Training
    2. Equipment Stacking
    3. Vehicle Loading
    4. Electrical Safety
    5. Site Safety Standard Compliance
    6. Use of PPEs
    7. Use of Ladders
    8. Handling of Hazardous Materials
    9. Use of Cranes

    Third-Party Training:

    1. Basic Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
    2. Respiratory Protection and Fit Testing
    3. Compressed Gas Safety
    4. First Aid and CPR Certification

    For further information about the training courses, please feel free to contact us.