Al-Askar Trading and Contracting Group been established in the year 1395 AH corresponding to 1975 AD as a provider of industrial and commercial services in the transport sector , heavy equipment, that accompanied the construction boom and the major industrial and economic development , which began in Saudi Arabia in the mid-seventies and grow fast through passage of days..
Al-Askar Trading and Contracting Group is one of the economic leading constructor in Saudi Arabia in the road transportation sector of all kinds and in the heavy and light equipment rental , handling equipment , facilities of petroleum services supplying of fuels in the Eastern province, manufacturing of bricks, cement products and ready-mixed concrete with high-quality production, and  supplying of construction materials from cement, stones and sand ,in addition to providing industrial services We have also ventured in other businesses such as Concrete Construction materials (Ready mix and Cement Products), Car & Trucks Showrooms, Petroleum Services Stations, Engineering & Construction Contracts, Dispensary & Medical Services and Pharmacies.