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    Al-Askar Cement Products provides high quality building materials/products and offers reliable services to customers. We produce and sell cement, bricks, ready-mix concrete and related building materials to our customers in the Eastern Province. We take pride in obtaining the trust of our clients because of the quality of our cement products which have been approved and authorized by the Eastern Province Municipality.

    Al-Askar Cement Products operates synergistically with Al-Askar divisions to deliver the cement products on time and in an excellent condition to our customers. In Al-Askar Group, we have plants to produce the bricks, cement products, and the ready-mix concrete loaded in a fleet integrated trucks for mixers and concrete portable pumps to ensure on-time delivery. In addition to that, we always strive to maintain our position when it comes to reliability and meeting our clients’ specifications and standards.

    In Al-Askar Cement Products, it is not just what we do, but how we do it. We strive to add value to our customers through:


    Walk the talk is our motto as it is our personal responsibility to act with integrity and fulfil our commitments to customers.


    We are extremely time-oriented when it comes to our dealings with our customers.

    Total Quality Management System:

    We are focused on customers as we build close relationships with them by listening to them, understanding their challenges and providing them with the right solutions.

    Organized Transportation Units:

    Our passion is to pursue excellence for the work we do to meet, if not exceed, expectations.

    Hollow Blocks 3 Holes

    200x200x400 mm – 8″

    Hollow Blocks 3 Holes

    150x200x400 mm – 6″

    Hollow Blocks 3 Holes

    100x200x400 mm – 4″

    Insulation Blocks

    200x200x400 mm – 8″

    Hollow Blocks 2 Holes

    200x200x400 mm – 8″ Hordy

    White Insulation Blocks

    200x200x600 mm – 8″
    150x200x600 mm – 6″
    100x200x600 mm – 4″