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    Al-Askar As the group get into new venture of trading we at Al Askar now offering Tool Room Equipments from highly recommended and well renowned Manufacturers.

    Al Askar also now capable of producing high quality tires which undergo thorough study and manufacturing procedures.

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    Outrigger pad (SAFEFOOT)

    Outrigger pad (SAFEFOOT) Manufactured from 100% virgin ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and approved by Saudi Aramco’s safety departments and all major industrial companies. It is characterized by its high capacity to withstand temperature up to 180 ° C and high endurance. These pads are used for hydraulic cranes, civil defense equipment, concrete pumps, military equipment, generators and other uses. All colors , shapes, various thicknesses and sizes are available as per our customers’ wishes. Al-Askar also guarantees its customers this product for 20 years.

    Driving simulator system (Smartsim)

    Based On The Award Winning Heavy Vehicles Simulator Entac, These Spanish Simulators Have Very Similar Features, With Very Low Costs. Modern And Stylish Design, Smartsim Is The Result Of More Than 15 Years Working In This Sector, Evolved And Developed With High Technology. Smartsim Is The Best Simulation Experience You Will Have.



    Complete range of differents practices organized by difficulty level:

    • Basic knowledge about the controls
    • How to start the vehicle
    • Gear changing
    • Parking and ramp maneuver
    • Intersections
    • Night driving
    • Emergency brake
    • Overtaking maneuver
    • Changing directions
    • Economic driving
    • Rain and Fog

    The system evaluates every single action (including eye tracking), recording all type of mistakes (traffic, driving,behaviour, timing, etc) into pupil’s database. All those mistakes, generates points, sounds and visual messages on the dashboard to alert the pupil. Optionally the mistakes could be hidden from the screen avoiding a preventive and corrective behaviour.


    When the practice is finished the report is shown on the screen for a complete review and it is saved in pdf format for printing. The report contain all the data needed for evaluation, it is an evaluation itself. Other included feature allows to the user review the practice replay to see in which points the mistakes were done, evaluate the speed, pedals, steering wheel and all the parameters needed to understand what happened in every single point.


    Printable reports with graphics, statistical analysis, dear and optimized results, just one look to see the behaviour of the pupil. Also their skills evolution, comparatives against himself, other pupils or against group average. You can go further with our telemetry system, obtaining an comprehensive analysis of a wide range of parameters.


    With the Instructor Position, an optional feature that allows you to control several cabins driving at the same time in the same scenario, sharing the road and interacting between them. This feature allows new possibilities, real behaviour for the rest of the traffic vehicles because other pupil is driving it.