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    Al-Askar Industries is considered a key industrial contractor that offers a wide range of services and machinery in the industrial, technological and construction fields. Our extensive experience allows us to take the project specifications and apply innovative thinking to create the best products and achieve excellent results now and on the long term.

    Chemicals Products

    Based on 20 years of experience and with the knowledge of our competent team, we offer a broad spectrum of industrial, technical, food and pharma grade chemicals of various origins with the highest quality standards to various industries.

    You can find some of our major chemical products in the tables below:


    Chemical Name CAS No Application
    Bromine 7726-95-6 Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Dyes, Flame retardants, Oil drilling.
    Bromoethane 74-96-4 Medicine, Pesticide, Dyestuff industry.
    Organic synthesis, Pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates.
    Benzyl Bromide 100-39-0 Raw material of organic synthetic intermediate and foaming agent.
    Hydrobromic Acid 10035-6 Bromine computers, Medicine, Dyes and spices and other inorganic bromide.
    Ally bromide 106-950-6 Used in organic synthesis such as synthetic dyes and perfumes; In the pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of cetobarbital; in agriculture for soil fumigants.

    Oil Field Drilling Product

    Chemical Name CAS No Application
    Calcium Bromide
    Zinc Bromide
    Well completion fluid, cementing fluid battery electrolyte.
    Sodium Bromide 7647-15-6 Photosensitive liquid, sedative, printing and dyeing industry brominated agent.

    Dye Intermediate

    Chemical Name CAS No Application
    2, 6-dibromo -4 nitroaniline
    6- bromo -2,4 dinitroaniline
    Disperse dyes and organic pigment intermediates.
    6- Chloro- 2,4 dinitroaniline
    2,6 – Dichloro -4- nitroaniline
    Used as a pesticide and dispersing pigment intermediate.

    Basic Chemical

    Chemical Name CAS No Application
    Sodium Carbonate 497-19-8 Used in production of flat glass, glass products and ceramic glaze, life scrubbing, acid neutralization.
    Calcium Chloride 10043-52-4 Used as a desiccant, road dust collection agent, antifogging agent, fabric fire retardant, food preservatives and calcium salt.
    Magnesium Chloride 7791-18-6 Used as road ice melting agent, making magnesium fertilizer, magnesia salt and fire- retardant material. It can greatly improve the refractory property of wood.
    Sodium Metabisulphite 7681-57-4 Used in producing Sodium Hydrosulfite, producing industrial preservatives, organic intermediates, dyestuffs, and tanneries as reductants.
    Polyaluminium Chloride 1327-41-9 Industrial wastewater, sewage, sludge treatment solution and their solid substance recycling wastewater treatment solution for industrial sewage.

    Optical Resin Monomer

    Chemical Name Application
    Optical Resin Monomer (1.56) Optical resin lens Refractive index 1.56
    Optical Resin Monomer (1.60) Optical resin lens Refractive index 1.60
    1.56 Anti- blue Resin Monomer Color – Change optical resing lens Refractive index 1.56
    Optical Resin Monomer (1.60) Optical resin lens Refractive index 1.60
    120-61-6 Fiber, Plasticizer.
    1459-93-4 Synthesis of diphenyl isophthalate as monomer of PBT heat- resistant polymer and other organic synthesis.
    1087-21-4 Organic synthesis, high temperature resin.
    1026-92-26 Mechanical, electrical appliances.
    131-17-9 Unsaturated polyester resin The polymer plasticizer.
    YDB400 Thermosetting Resin for Printed Circuit Board, Electronic Device Encapsulation.

    Brominated Flame Retardant

    Chemical Name CAS No Application
    Decabromodiphenyl Ethane (DBDPE) 8485-53-9 HIPS, PP, PBT, PET, PET, PA, PC, PC/ABS, PVC, TPE, EPOXY, EPDM.
    Decabromodiphenyl Oxide (DBDPO) 116-19-5 PP, PE, PO, PT, ABS.
    1,1 (isopropylidylidene) bis{3,5- dibromo(2,3- dibromo-2 methypropoxy) benzene} 97416-84-7 EPS, XPS, HIPS, PP.
    Tetrabromophthalic Anhydride Diol 77098-07-820566-35-2 PU, PO, Coating
    Tetrabromophthalic Anhydride 632-79-1 Polyester resin, epoxy resin, PS, PP, PE, ABS resin.
    1,2 – Bis (tetrabromophthaliamido) ethane 32588-76-4 HIPS, PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, PC, PC/ABS, TPE, EPOXY.
    Brominated Polystyrene (BPS) 88497-56-7 Polyamide resin, PPA, Polyester resin, PA6, PA66, PBT, PET, PET.
    3-Bromo-2,2-bis (bromomethyl) propanol 1522-92-5,36483-57-5 Rigid polyurethane material, PO, Coating, Foams.
    Tris (tribromoneopentyl) phosphate 19186-97-1 Polypropylene, HIPS
    Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) 3194-55-6 EPS, XPS
    Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBA) 79-94-7 ABS, EPOXY, UPE, HIPS
    TetraBromoBisphenol A(2,3- Dibromopropyl) Ether 21850-44-2 PO, PP, PE.
    Tetrabromobisphenol S Bis- (2,3 – Dibromopropyl Ether) (TBBP – DBPE) 42757-55-1

    Drilling Products

    Chemical Name CAS No
    Sodium Chloride 7647-14-5
    Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose 9004-62-0
    Xanthan Gum 11138-66-2
    Calcium hydroxide 1305-62-0
    Sodium hydroxide 1310-73-2
    Sodium Sulfite 7757-83-7
    Barite 13462-86-7
    Bentonite 1302-78-9
    Calcium carbonate 471-34-1

    Chemicals List

    General Functions Chemicals
    Potassium Carbonate
    Sodium bisulphite (100 wt%)
    Sodium bisulphite 25%
    Multipurpose Corrosin Inhibitor
    Tertiary Butyl Catechol (TBC)
    Iron (Fe)
    Heavy Metals as (Pb)
    Free Alkali as (Na2Co3)
    Water Insoluble
    • Dedicated logistics teams in all sourcing and sales regions.
    • Long term relationships with shipping lines and agents.
    • National contracts for LTL and truckload trucking services.
    • Regional customs brokerage services.
    • Vast warehousing network across Saudi Arabia and internationally.
    • Robust tracking of product shipments from order initiation to delivery.
    Al-Askar Industries Services & Products:
    • Consultancy and designing services.
    • Plant construction and engineering services.
    • Manufacturing and supplying of industrial machinery.
    • Power generation and plants structure.
    • Major steel fabrication and welding services.
    • Modification and automation will be considered for any kind of existing industries.
    • Flow meter design and calibration services.
    • Valves measurement and control system.
    • Civil construction.
    • Electrical contracting.
    Plant Construction & Engineering Services

    In Al-Askar Industries, we have the know-how and the necessary insights to support a successful delivery of the projects. Our engineers are experts in the fields of polymers and fibers, fine chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies, chemical plant construction, foodstuff, biotechnologies and projects’ construction and infrastructure.

    • Polymers and fibers.
    • Chemistry.
    • Engineering services and infrastructure.
    • Pharmaceuticals.
    • Fine chemistry.
    • Specialty chemistry.
    • Construction engineering.
    • Building & civil engineering.
    • Project management.