Al-Askar Machinery owns several exclusive agencies for Advanced and modern technology hydraulic equipment (mounted cranes), and a high-quality outrigger pad.

(KANGLIM) Cranes

Truck-mounted cranes are one of the main products acquired by the exclusive agency in partnership with KANGLIM. These boom cranes are available with 3, 4, 5 and 6 section booms and 3 to 16 ton lifting capacity  As well as special purpose vehicles for electric works, fire trucks, rescue trucks, and others. Which has a high capabilities and safety standards.

  • (Winkar)

Al-Askar provides(Winkar) which is high-quality cranes with superior lifting capacity, strong lifting arm, and comfortable control with all required safety standards. (Winkar) cranes are available with all lifting capacities up to 20 ton.

Outrigger pad (SAFEFOOT)

Outrigger pad (SAFEFOOT) Manufactured from 100% virgin ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and approved by Saudi Aramco’s safety departments and all major industrial companies. It is characterized by its high capacity to withstand temperature up to 180 ° C and high endurance. These pads are used for hydraulic cranes, civil defense equipment, concrete pumps, military equipment, generators and other uses. All colors  , shapes, various thicknesses and sizes are available as per our customers’ wishes. Al-Askar also guarantees its customers this product for 20 years.

Al-Askar machinery has a distinguished team and after sale service center for all equipment. It also provides high level training on the use and operation these equipment by specialized cadres. In addition, the availability of all spare parts with an integrated team to carry out all the required maintenance services.